Develop your thought leadership. 
Express the great ideas you’re passionate about.
Share them with the world.
Individual Keynote Program.


Develop your thought leadership. 
Express the great ideas you’re passionate about.
Share them with the world.
Individual Keynote Program

In the Spotlight

You want to be a highly-paid, professional keynote speaker


You are a corporate presenter looking to have an unfair advantage over your competition


You are an entrepreneur looking to position yourself as an expert and promote your business


You are a non-fiction author wanting to promote your book through keynotes


Why I created this

Speaking 2 Inspire starts here

At a certain point in your career, your expertise takes over. People around you start asking you to share your vision, your insights, and experiences. At that moment you might start thinking about writing a book. And in the back of your head, you envision yourself sharing your ideas on stage.
That’s what happens to most of my premium clients. They all are high profiled people with clear visions.

But as much as you have experience in your branch, you are not an expert in public speaking. You know how to handle a presentation to a certain degree, but you realize it is time to step up the game.
You will have to find time to exercise and to develop the keynote that will leverage your career.

That’s why I developed the Speak 2 Inspire Premium Programs.  I can help you to take your impact to the next level.


So…is this you?


  • Entrepreneurs and leaders
  • Academics and industry experts
  • Writers of non-fiction books
  • Visionaries and futurists
  • Coaches and consultants


  • motivational speaker
  • inspirational speaker
  • industry speaker
  • celebrity speaker
  • seminar leader
  • thought leader

Happy Premium Speaker

Peter Hinssen – International Keynote Speaker & serial tech entrepreneur

The elements

What you get


1 on 1

Individual training sessions, focused on your performance.

Skype Calls

Follow-up calls in between sessions.


24 Weeks Speakers Coach

24 weekly expert tips, after finishing the program

Debriefing call

A debriefing call after your big day, for some next step tips and advice.

Your Benefits

My Promise To You

  • You will get honest and straightforward feedback from a professional who has worked on stage and in front of a camera whole her life.
  • We go beyond what you can find on the internet and in books
  • We work inside out, it’s about YOU and how your stage persona fits best.
  • You will discover your personal presentation style.

How this works

How do you sign in

A lot of speakers can benefit from individual coaching, but I have chosen to only work in the premium programs with those who are aiming for a career as a professional speaker/expert/thought leader or who are leaders.
If you consider yourself one of them, you will have to be aware that it takes time and effort during AND in between sessions.
My sessions are energizing but demanding as well.
The result you achieve is proportional to the effort you have made to apply my expertise.

I coach maximum 2 Premium Speakers a month.
Usually, we plan one session every week/10 days.
In between sessions, I expect you to prepare for our next one, so we do not waste time.
If you schedule a session but have to cancel it last minute, no problem, but you will have to pay for it.
Your time is precious, mine too.

Because I take account of your and my agenda, I advise you to book some weeks upfront your deadline:
I understand this is an ideal scenario, so contact me as soon as possible.


Happy Speaker

A lot of experience, quick analysis!

“Ianka is an inspiring coach and trainer who through her years of experience as an actress, writer, and media personality can analyze your story very quickly and stimulates you to look for new angles of approach by providing small, but essential, adjustments.”

Peter van de Veire