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With Speaking Mentor ianka fleerackers

Develop your thought leadership.

Become a great brand ambassador.
Express the big ideas you are passionate about and share them with the world.

Every professional speaker needs a speaking mentor

Your journey as a speaker can be uncertain and challenging. Having your personal speaking mentor, getting honest feedback on your performance, being challenged on your topics, and having a sparring partner at your side will make you own the stage. 

Take a look at how international keynote speaker Peter Hinssen experienced ianka's mentoring:

This is what happens to most of our premium clients.
They all are high profiled people with clear visions.

At a certain point in your career, your expertise takes over.
People around you start asking you to share your vision, your insights, and expertise.
At that moment you might start thinking about writing a book and in the back of your head, you envision yourself sharing your ideas on big stages.

But as much as you have experience in your branch, you are not an expert in public speaking.

You know how to handle a presentation to a certain degree, but you realise it is time to step up the game.
You will have to find time to exercise and to develop the keynote that will boost your career.

That's why we developed the Premium Keynote Program with our senior speaking mentor ianka fleerackers.  

We help you to take your impact to the next level.

We help you to take your impact to the next level.

Live Mentoring and Analysis

If possible, ianka will attend one of your live performances. This is the ideal scenario to see what's already there and what is not.

Enhance the quality of your Keynote

A real good speaker only needs two things: 
A good story and himself. We take a deep look at your presentation and take it to the next level.

Unleash the performer

When you want to step up the game in public speaking, you need to be equipped with the techniques of a performer. 
So: practice practice, practice. Body language, voice, delivery, mindset. The whole shebang!

Let's talk!

You want to become a better speaker but you don't know what program suits your profile?
Book a 30 minute Strategy Call with ianka

and she will give you immediate insight in what your path as a speaker can be.
Don't worry, she will tell you if our programs don't match your needs

Our ingredients to your speaker succes

Performance Speaker

Learn performance techniques from actors in movies and theatre to stand out.


Master the art of storytelling, move your audience into action.

Emotional Intelligence

Learn how to leverage your emotional intelligence by learning how to interact and engage with your audience

Keynote development

Learn how to develop your keynote so you are in charge, and not your powerpoint.

We go the extra mile for your speakers career

If you want help on aspects of speaking where a specialised expert is needed, ianka will let you work with her personal advisers and team. To name a few:

  • Vocal coaching
  • Accent reduction
  • Dialect coaching
  • Powerpoint design
  • Legal advice
  • Speakers marketing

Discuss the possibilities during a strategy call with ianka.

Speaking Mentor Ianka Fleerackers is a must for all business leaders who want to better share their drive and passion.

A good speech is not what it looks like, but what it does to us.
Thank you ianka, for being my speaking mentor.

Too often I speak at events where the CEO has a great message that is unfortunately lost in a superficial presentation. Being good in management also means being good in public speaking. You can learn how to manage. You can learn how to be a good speaker..
I have seen what Ianka can do with our Nexxworks Bootcampers in just a few hours. Take your time. Not a few hours. The time you need to find your own voice, your own key, your own attitude, your own format, and story.

If you have the instrument, Ianka Fleerackers will teach you how to play the stars of heaven. An absolute authority, the Queen of Speech.

Working with ianka means surrounding yourself with someone who brings out the best in you.

Rik Vera Worldwide keynote speaker, best selling author, lecturer at business schools and trusted advisor of large organisations.
Steve Van Damme General Manager Publiganda
Rik Vera Worldwide keynote speaker, best selling author, lecturer at business schools and trusted advisor of large organisations.
Walter van Velden Unite - Central Migration Office at ING
Marta Klejman Food & Mind Expert

Hi, I'm ianka 

I have spend more than 35 years as an actress on stage and in front of a camera. Always on the road from one theatre to another, one set to the next.
As your speaking mentor, you will get my honest and straightforward feedback. We go beyond what you can find on the internet and in books.
We work inside out, it’s about YOU and how your stage persona fits best. You will discover your personal presentation style. 

ianka fleerackers 

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