Speaking with Impact

2-Day Masterclass

with  Speaking Mentor ianka fleerackers

“This Masterclass is not only useful when you have to give a presentation or give a speech. It is particularly useful during networking or in daily business. It is not an art that is reserved for the happy few, anyone who is open to it, can learn it. One of the best teachers in our language is ianka fleerackers.”

Herman Boel – Alta Verba

A two-day immersion of what public speaking can mean to you: 

a relaxed, pleasant and impactful experience!

As an entrepreneur or supervisor you often have to convince people during a meeting, a presentation or a speech. How often do you have to motivate your team and do you lack the fresh "schwung" to do that?

Even networking at a party, introducing yourself to unknown people or answering questions unexpectedly ..

 During this Masterclass you will learn how to speak with impact for every audience without losing yourself and how find a fresh perspective for every speaking opportunity.

You will be able to present yourself with impact and your personal charisma, to inspire people but also to become and remain more self-assured.

You get an answer to the following questions

  • How do I come across to others when I speak
  • Why do I feel nervous
  • How can I create interaction
  • How can I keep my audience listening to me
  • How do I prevent losing my focus
  • How does storytelling works
  • What about my body language
  • How can I come up with a speech when I have little time

Our ingredients to your speaker succes


Master the art of storytelling, move your audience into action.

Emotional Intelligence

Learn how to leverage your emotional intelligence by learning how to interact and engage with your audience

The C.A.S.PER Strategy

Learn how to develop a short speech fast, so you are in charge, and not your powerpoint or your notes.

Performance Speaker

Learn performance techniques from actors in movies and theatre to stand out.

What's in it for you

After this Masterclass you have gained an insight into your own emotional intelligence. You have an idea why you behave in a certain way and you have been given guidelines on how you can get more impact and come across as you speak. You have been given techniques and structures that help you prepare quickly to speak up and to like it too.
You are trained to speak unprepared.

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The two-day Masterclass is organized on the following dates:
11-12 June 2020 from 9 am to 5 pm (Bornem) - DUTCH .  Almost full!
Autumn 2020 from 9 a.m. to 5 pm (Bornem)- DUTCH 

Your investment is 

  • 1795€ (21% VAT excl)
  • of 1257€ (21% VAT excl), thanks to KMOP

Speaking Mentor Ianka Fleerackers is a must for all business leaders who want to better share their drive and passion.

If you have the instrument, Ianka Fleerackers will teach you how to play the stars of heaven. An absolute authority, the Queen of Speech.

Too often I speak at events where the CEO has a great message that is unfortunately lost in a superficial presentation. Being good in management also means being good in public speaking. You can learn how to manage. You can learn how to be a good speaker..
I have seen what Ianka can do with our Nexxworks Bootcampers in just a few hours. Take your time. Not a few hours. The time you need to find your own voice, your own key, your own attitude, your own format, and story.

Working with ianka means surrounding yourself with someone who brings out the best in you.

A good speech is not what it looks like, but what it does to us.
Thank you ianka, for being my speaking mentor.

Rik Vera Worldwide keynote speaker, best selling author, lecturer at business schools and trusted advisor of large organisations.
Walter van Velden Unite - Central Migration Office at ING
Rik Vera Worldwide keynote speaker, best selling author, lecturer at business schools and trusted advisor of large organisations.
Marta Klejman Food & Mind Expert
Steve Van Damme General Manager Publiganda

Hi, I'm ianka 

I have spend more than 35 years as an actress on stage and in front of a camera. Always on the road from one theatre to another, one set to the next.
As your speaking mentor, you will get my honest and straightforward feedback. We go beyond what you can find on the internet and in books.
We work inside out, it’s about YOU and how your stage persona fits best. You will discover your personal presentation style. 

ianka fleerackers 

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