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There are people who change the course of your business and your personal life forever. Ianka is one of them. During a great workshop, she unraveled the secrets of presenting and storytelling. With the skill of a master storyteller, she showed us how to enthrall and convince an audience. But she showed us much more. She showed us that there can be a story and a storyteller in each of us. She is the guide to effectively communicating that message. Thanks to her expertise and knowledge, the spotlight of attention swings in your direction and you can hear a pin drop when you speak. She does that in her unique and infectious way. If your company REALLY has something to say? Then you should definitely listen to this young lady. .... book now... it's that simple

Jo Hendriks
Owner at Brain Rangers, Helping companies to let technology work for them instead of the other way around

She has been mentioned many times on Linkedin, but also with In The Pocket, ianka fleerackers makes the difference!

Emma Braeye
VP People at In The Pocket

If you have the instrument, Ianka Fleerackers will teach you how to play the stars of heaven. An absolute authority, the Queen of Speech.

Walter van Velden
Unite - Central Migration Office at ING

Too often I speak at events where the CEO has a great message that is unfortunately lost in a superficial presentation. Being good in management also means being good in public speaking. You can learn how to manage. You can learn how to be a good speaker.. I have seen what Ianka can do with our Nexxworks Bootcampers in just a few hours. Take your time. Not a few hours. The time you need to find your own voice, your own key, your own attitude, your own format, and story.

Rik Vera
Worldwide keynote speaker, best selling author, lecturer at business schools and trusted advisor of large organisations.

Speaking Mentor Ianka Fleerackers is a must for all business leaders who want to better share their drive and passion.

Rik Vera
Worldwide keynote speaker, best selling author, lecturer at business schools and trusted advisor of large organisations.

Speaking with impact is not only useful when you have to give a presentation or give a speech. It is also particularly useful during networking or in daily business (but also other) contacts.It is not an art that is reserved for only a few, anyone who is open to it can learn it. One of the rare ideal teachers in our language area is Ianka Fleerackers.

Herman Boel
Translater and Founder of Alta Verba

Training at Thought Leaders Academy with ianka is a great way to speak regularly and to be more aware of it. You always receive honest feedback, which helps to continue working on my keynote, for example. I find it very inspiring, and it is always a fun moment. Ideal for people who have to speak regularly in front of a group. The small group makes it quick and easy to try things out.

Peter Van Riet
Designer | Speaker

"Hello, I am Xaveer and I am an introvert." This was my first sentence in the Thought Leaders Academy of ianka fleerackers. A few months later I gave my first 'TED talk'.

Xaveer Rumbaut
Marketing Technologist at Invisible Puppy

Everything starts with the writing of a good keynote and that is certainly what I have learned at Thought Leaders Academy.Hungry for MORE!

Caroline Debal
Professional Certified Coach/Stress & Burn-out

A good speech is not what it looks like, but what it does to us. Thank you ianka, for being my speaking mentor.

Steve Van Damme
General Manager Publiganda

Working with ianka means surrounding yourself with someone who brings out the best in you.

Marta Klejman
Food & Mind Expert

Ianka is an inspiring coach and expert who, thanks to her many years of experience, can very quickly make an analysis of your story and encourages you to look for new insertions by offering small, but important, adjustments.

Peter Van De Veire
Director at Form TS

“My goal was to use my public speaking skills for moderating and presenting events. This from both a professional and a personal perspective. The Thought Leaders Academy, therefore, seemed the appropriate platform for me to continue working on this. My experience is very positive in the sense that you get a platform to practice unabashedly and in addition, you get concrete tools to work on content, the structure of your story. I realize that preparation and writing out your texts are extremely important. In the third session, I did this for the first time and you feel the inner peace at the start of your presentation. After the last session, I came home and enthusiastically told my wife about the session and the fact that this is really something that gives me energy, satisfaction, and peace.

Peter van de Veire
Director at Form TS

I have experienced the public speaking training very positively. I especially wanted to get inside tips for better storytelling. And I got it. The training was not only educational, but it was also fun! I can recommend Thought Leaders Academy and working with ianka to anyone who - just like me - wants to give a keynote or presentation where storytelling is central. ”

Elke Van Parys
Founder of Heydays' Business Trainer Academy

Straightforward feedback, clear and personal. More boom/boom than bla bla. Applied and relevant towards quickly building up speaker skills.

Thijs Van De Broek
Strategist - In The Pocket

The Speakers Club is an ideal way to challenge yourself to grow as a speaker so that it does not stop with good intentions. The great exercises, the supportive feedback, and the pleasant atmosphere give you more confidence. And occasionally you discover that you can do more than you thought. I was very happy with the end result. I will definitely record TED talks. Thanks.

Danny Verspreet
Director Finance & IT

Informative, not just "an education" but a mega educational way to improve Public Speaking.

Lien Debuck
VP Finance at In The Pocket

I did more than expected. Everything went according to a very practical "just do" mentality. Just stand in front and start, it sounds worse than it really turned out to be.

Quentin Braet
Quentin Braet 1st degree connection1st Lead Solution Architect at In The Pocket

Thought leaders Academy doesn't give you the standard "10 steps to a good keynote" but very focused & personal feedback. We had to come out of our comfort zone every session, but always in a fun, exciting way without it becoming uncomfortable.

Remi Shoenmakers
Strategist bij In The Pocket

Thought Leaders Academy held inhouse public speaking sessions. I didn't know what to expect, but I am very satisfied. Practical and useful tips that already gave me a clear sense of progress in a small number of sessions.

Simon Raes
Android developer at In The Pocket

Firm but fair. The training was a very confronting journey. Although I suspected what my soft points were, this came up so loud during the talks that you could not help but address them. The mirror is hard but necessary. In a professional context, the focus is often only on the content, while the way you deliver the content lingers longer.

Isabelle Pacquée
Team Lead at Foreach (web developing company)

The Thought Leaders Academy has taught me a great deal about the importance of postural use of voice when giving a speech. I also learned to understand how important it is to make the effort to adequately prepare your talk. There is still work to be done, but the Thought Leaders Academy has given me the hook and points for attention to take my presentation skills to a higher level.

Laura Rosseel
Associate at Cresco I Business Law Firm

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